A few words about me

I’m Chandrima Bose ,the creative mind behind this blog from the city of joy Kolkata, India. I’m an Engineering graduate specializing in Computer Science. Now I’m going to explore the Digital Marketing field professionally.

I explore my creative side by writing short stories, poetries, quotes, micro-tales and so on, on the reader’s  and writer’s platform called Wattpad from the month of February , 2020. Writing has been linked with me from my childhood itself. The difference is that then most of the time my focus was on rhyming the lines while writing poetries, and now I focus on expressing whatever is there in my mind, whatever bothers me, what I wish to raise my voice for, sharing how I deal with my negative feelings so that others also can. For me, life is too short to write down everything that I wish to write.

I love to journal because in that way, I can keep track of how I’m growing, my thought process is changing or evolving with each passing day.

I have a knack for really good short films, art films, short-format contents that are light-hearted, and spreads positive and happy vibes.

About the blog

Lifestyle is not only about fashion, makeup etc. It’s the way you lead your life. I consume a lot of content on being productive, organized and happy, implement those in my life and try to innovate my own ideas for the same. So I thought why not share all my learnings with adding a little bit of my own experiments and innovations with you through blogging. I will post content starting from planning your day to adding healthy and good habits to designing your life and everything in between.