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Ridhi is a freelance content writer who accomplished her dream of becoming a published author with her debut poetry book “Khwaab ae Khayal”. She is a fun person who adds positive values to people’s lives through her self-growth and inspirational contents. 

Come, let’s read her story.

Hey Ridhi, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. 

Hi! Probably you haven’t heard my name before because c’mon, we don’t know about all the 7 billion people in the world. So, let me introduce myself. I am Ridhi Jain, recently graduated from the University of Delhi. I am the author of the book ‘`Khwaab ae Khayal”, which is a collection of Hindi poems. By passion, I am a freelance content writer and self-help content creator, spending most of my time on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn Twitter creating and consuming content about peace, mindset and inspiration for life.

What inspired you to start your Instagram Page?

Ridhi Jain Instagram Page

So, back in my initial college years, I used to write a lot of poetry and always dreamt of having an Instagram page for the same. I did create a few but never took them that seriously until I made one while I was at home due to lockdown. The page was all about self-motivation articles and English/Hindi poems. Soon enough the page took off and I hit 1K followers within a time frame of 3.5 months. That’s how my interest paved the way to take this further and explore my interests within the same niche.

Why did you choose self improvement as your niche? 

Growing up, I wasn’t a very active child. I lacked confidence, so much so that I wasn’t even able to place an order at a joint confidently. I would always see a rather bold, confident and opinionated person in the mirror in front of me but never took any action to become that person. And as they say, “Zindagi me thokar kha kar hi aage badhte hain ”, I learned to be a better version of myself through the rock hard lessons, life threw at me. I am still not the best version of myself but I definitely see a change and the level of peace it brings to me and my life. I wanted to share my experiences with all those in the same place as me so they don’t have to actually go through a hard time in becoming their best version. 

What’s your take on creating a strong personal brand? 

I strongly believe that it is important to have a personal brand for every person creating content these days because the brand you create, the trust and the respect you earn speak for yourself. Creating a strong brand sure takes a lot from you: time, effort, hard work, smart work, patience but also gives you a lot in return which is inexpressible. 

How can a content creator in a self improvement niche strengthen their personal brand? 

As much as I have learned in the past 1 year of creating content and building an audience base of 1.4K people, I realised that every person from the self-improvement niche has his/her own share of experiences they choose to share with their audience. The way they share creates a better impact on the audience. Now, I strongly believe that people would be more comfortable and relatable in talking to a person who feels like a friend and not a robot. So, sharing your content by being a little personal surely gives you an edge. Apart from that, answering the pain points of your audience, interacting with them, hosting live sessions, meeting people in the same niche and collaborating are a number of ways to provide value to your audience and build your personal brand.

Could you let us know more about your podcast ‘The Better Vision’ ? 

‘The Better Vision’ Podcast by Ridhi Jain

So, I created this podcast a few months ago because as you know, I love speaking about self-development, motivation and mindset. After creating content for social media platforms, I realised that this is actually what interests me even on bad days. So, I created my own podcast “The Better Vision” so I can use my voice to reach a lot of people and make an impact or just so I can share my experiences and learnings about life. This also reminds me, a new episode is coming out soon. So, check it out on Spotify under the same name. 

How do you manage time as a content creator as well as a freelance writer? 

I always say that managing your time is not as difficult as it seems only if you know the right kind of strategies to do it. I being a student, freelancer and content creator have to juggle a lot between platforms and work to manage my day but it all becomes easy by using time management techniques like maintaining prioritized To-do lists, breaking my goals and daily tasks into chunks and waking up early to start my day on a calm end. I make use of various time management methods like “The Pomodoro Technique” which allows me to work dedicatedly for 25 minutes without any distractions and then taking a 5 minute break. Doing it in 4 intervals helps me to get done with most of my work effectively and efficiently.

What values, strengths, passions and achievements stood out in your journey till date as a creator?

My journey as a content creator is still in the beginning stage but the 2 values that have stood by me throughout the journey are consistency and discipline. Without consistency, you cannot expect yourself to be comfortable with what you do and without being comfortable, you just cannot explore more on your creative end. I always knew content creation is something I want to do and thus, I have created content every single day for the past 1 year. This made me so much comfortable that I was able to explore more and more in my niche. Discipline made me respect my work and not consider it a mere fun activity. 

Could you share your greatest learnings as a creator in the self improvement niche? 

As a self-development creator, I have learned that the “sky’s the limit” because there is never a point where you can be fully satisfied with yourself. You will always have something to learn because life will always have something to teach you. Every single day, when you begin seeing yourself worthy enough, you are more into growth and even if you do just 1% any day, you’d still continue to grow. This niche has put me into areas that only seemed like a dream just like “this interview happening right now” but from here, it’s only up and up.

What are the challenges you face as a content creator? How do you overcome it? 

Every content creator you see faces some challenges in the effort of putting out content for you. But they just accept change as a part of their growth, get better at it and continue to grow. I also faced a number of challenges and I still do, for example, speaking on live sessions. I always had the fear of speaking live, whether an online class, a presentation or even an Instagram session. Initially, I skipped doing lives for the longest time but when you are on a public platform, you have to get comfortable with these skills. So did I and the feeling has been terrifying but the growth has been satisfying.

Could you let us know about the monetization potential as a self improvement content creator? 

Social media has taken turns every single day in terms, trends and regulations and provided a more flexible platform to us to showcase our creativity. A pool of resources continues to come out in the form of updates to help creators turn their passion into the profession through monetizing their content. As a self-improvement content creator, you can make use of E-books, guides, worksheets, webinars, master classes to provide value to your audience and at the same time earn some revenue too.

What is that one piece of advice that you would like to share with all new content creators in the self improvement niche? 

I shared this before and I will share this every time someone asks me. “You can move the mountains and be the person behind those mountains, only if you continue to believe in yourself and take action”. No! I don’t say that this is the path without thorns but believing in yourself gives you hope and taking action turns that hope into a strong determination which is a sure shot to take you to heights. 

You gave such a beautiful message. There’s a lot to learn from you.

Thank you so much for your time Ridhi. Wish you a very happy and successful life ahead.

You can connect with Ridhi on her Website, Instagram, Twitter and be a part of her beautiful community.

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