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In this fast paced world, stress has become a part of life. But you must find ways to respond to it in a healthy way and eventually reduce it. 

I have discussed 20 easy and practical ways you can implement to relieve your stress. You can pick any of these that works best for you at the moment when you are stressed out.

Focus on your breathing

Close your eyes. Inhale slowly and deeply then slowly breathe out through your mouth or nose. Repeat this process several times, until you start feeling yourself calm down.

Write down what you are feeling

Sometimes letting out what’s in your mind becomes really necessary especially when you have negative feelings going on. Journaling is a good way to get things off your mind, organize your thoughts. You can simply write on your smartphone’s notes app.

To know more about simple tips on how to start journaling click here.

Re-read the notes taken while reading a book

If you are a non-reader like me, you can start with reading at least two pages.Make sure you take note of the key point that you learned; you can type in those lines in your notes app or can write it in your diary if you prefer that. It will add positive vibes to your day.

While reading a fictional book of your choice, you can note the lines that touched your heart and you would like to re-read it later. I have a separate Google Doc file for that purpose. You can take note wherever it will be easier for you to look back later.

Watch good short films

Everything that we spend time watching has a lasting effect on ourselves. Make sure the effect is a positive one. 

Listen to your stress-buster songs 

It’s good to have some songs that you can listen to feel a bit relaxed while in stress.

All Things Positive Journal

Maintain a journal or simply a notebook to write about all your happy & laughter moments, or anything positive that happens in your life. You can also keep a separate folder in your phone’s notes app named “All Things Positives” or “My Happy Moments” or anything you like.Revisit this whenever you feel unhappy or stressed and you’ll find yourself surrounded by positive moments.

Revisit memories box 

In my ‘memories box’ , I have kept all the new year greetings cards and handmade birthday cards that I received in my childhood and a lot of other things. You Can also create a memories box for yourself with all the things that are close to your heart and make you feel happy.It will never fail to bring a smile on your face.

Cherish your favourite photographs of all time

From your photo album, keep some of the best pictures in your mobile phone that you will always cherish, be it your childhood photo, trips that you enjoyed etc. No matter if you are at home or your workplace ,you can just open your gallery and be ready to smile.

A jar of happiness

You can get yourself a beautiful glass jar. Whenever something positive happens to you or you make it happen, start filling the jar with little handwritten notes mentioning your happy moment in it. Seeing your jar of happiness fill up day by day and looking back to those notes would be an amazing feeling.

Revisit your ‘DREAM LIFE’

You can create a folder named “My Dream Life” in your laptop or smartphone where you can collect pictures related to the life you want to live. Your ‘Dream Life’ might include your dream home, the places you want to travel,your dream workspace and so on and you can come to have a look at your ‘DREAM LIFE’ whenever you want.

A few minutes with nature

When you are stressed,you can go out for a short walk or simply spend a few minutes sitting close to nature.

Stare out the window and connect with nature

If nature is nowhere near, just viewing the outside world for a few minutes might calm you down. Also,simply looking at images of nature with greenery for a few minutes even on a digital device can also help to calm you down.

Visualize your place of comfort or your happy place

Think of a place that gives you inner peace and visualize every detail of it.It could be a sea-shore, a garden, a cozy corner of your room.

Look back on what you have accomplished

Make it a habit to write down your accomplishments no matter how simple or how small they are.

Now you have added one more thing that you can look back to when you are in stress or when you think that you are not doing enough.

Revisit the appreciations you received

Whenever you receive compliments or appreciation from your close ones or your well-wishers for something that you have done,you can take a screenshot and keep it in a folder in your mobile’s gallery. Whenever you feel like things are going wrong or you’re not doing good enough, you can always head on to that folder and regain self-confidence and mostly feel happy. It’s your reminder for how amazing you are!

Count your blessings and things you are grateful for

Make a list of things you’re grateful for and keep it handy for revisiting it when in a stressful state of mind.

Talk it out to someone you think genuinely cares for you

The person could be anyone – your family members, friends, co-worker. Just share whatever is bothering you, just let it out.

Splash cold water on your face

Turn on the cold tap and cool your hands and face with water and dab some on your pulse points.

Take a little break and indulge yourself in something artsy

Find a simple creative activity that you enjoy doing.You can grab your coloring pencils, play an instrument if you can and so on.These will relieve your stress because you’re not striving to achieve any sort of “result;” you’re just having fun.

Read this list again! 

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