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Welcome to my blog!

I’m Chandrima Bose ,the creative mind behind this blog from the city of joy Kolkata, India. I believe in creating the life of my dreams, living life based on what truly matters to me. I’m continuously striving for that. There are unending obstacles, limiting beliefs, struggles, problems to that path. I’m on a mission to unravel the secret solutions in creating and living the life I desire. I wish to take you through that journey along with me. So, through this blog, I’ll be sharing content while I learn, implement and discover ways to live life more intentionally. You can see blog posts starting from planning your day to adding healthy and good habits to designing your life and everything in between.

Recent Posts

Are you someone who has always thought of starting a journal but wondered where to start or lack the motivation to actually start it? If you are someone who never gave journaling a thought, you also must read it till the end and you never know, you might end up journaling! Also, if you are already into journaling, you might get some new ideas that you can add in your journaling process.

Do you also start your day scrolling through social media aimlessly? Then probably you are also wasting many precious minutes of your day without even realising it. In this article, I will discuss about 15 negative effects of unhealthy social media use.